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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some new branded perfumes in VIALS!

aigner pour homme
~Aigner Pour Homme~

Aigner Starlight
~Aigner Starlight~

~Aramis Brown~

Asprey Purple Water
~Asprey Purple Water~

Calvin Klein Euphoria
~Calvin Klein Euphoria~

Davidoff Hot Water
~Davidoff Hot Water~

Davidoff Coolwater Wave
~Davidoff Coolwater Wave~

Dunhill 51.3
~Dunhill 51.3N~

D&G Rose The One
~D&G Rose The One~

D&G The One
~D&G The One~

Dunhill X-Centric
~Dunhill X-Centric~

Escada Desire Me
~Escada Desire Me~

Escada Magnetism
~Escada Magnetism~

~Essenca Di Zegna~

~Estee Lauder Sensuous~

Ghost Deep Night
~Ghost Deep Night~

Hugo Boss
~Hugo Boss Lt Ded~

hermes un jardin
~Hermes Un Jardin~

~Hugo Boss XX (W)~

Marc Jacobs Lola
~Marc Jacobs Lola~

Lacoste Elegance
~Lacoste Elegance~

Gwen Stefani LAMB
~Gwen Stefani LAMB~

JLO Sunkissed Glow
~JLO Sunkissed Glow~

JLO Live
~JLO Live~

JLO Deseo Forever
~JLO Deseo Forever~

Mont Blanc Exceptional
~Mont Blanc Exceptional~

Mont Blanc Starwalker
~Mont Blanc Starwalker~

~Paul Smith Story~

~Paul Smith Rose~

~Paul Smith Man~

~Paul Smith Flower~

~Terre Dhermes~

~Vera Wang Look~

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Perfume Vials 1-2ml

Hey there everyone! Since many of our customers have asked how does the 1-2ML bottle looks like...Well, here it is! They do not look like miniatures as miniatures looks similar to the original bottles. These are just simple and for testing purposes before our customers enjoy the miniatures or even the big bottles.

Perfume Vials

Friday, July 2, 2010

1-2ML Vials for ONLY RM10!!!

Hey there everyone! Thanks for visiting our blog here! Welcome :) Okay, there are many perfumes here, help yourself by looking though the lists! Hehe. We are selling the vials first as we would want to gain your trust in the quality and the originality of the perfumes that we supply. So, we recommend our customers to buy the vials first for 1-2ML and ONLY RM10! You can choose any perfumes that you want! If you buy more than 10 Vials, we might give you an offer that you wouldn't be able to resist! After being satisfied with the products, you could proceed in buying the miniatures or even the big bottles and the prices have yet to be settled as they differ according to the brands. But, we ensure you that it's definitely CHEAPER compared to the ones in the malls!

Enjoy browsing through everyone! Just leave a comment in the comment box if you have anything to ask okay? If you are ready to order, please do fill in the form! :D Thank youuu!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Perfume Vials (O-Z) 1-2ML, RM10

~Paris Hilton Heiress~

~Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton~

Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton
~Paris Hilton Just Me~

Paris Hilton Can Can
~Paris Hilton Can Can~

~Paco Rabanne Black XSW~

Ralph Lauren Blue
~Ralph Lauren Blue~

Ralph Lauren HOT
~Ralph Lauren HOT~

~Ralph Lauren Romance~

Salvatore Ferragamo by Salvatore Ferragamo for Women EDP 5ml
~Salvatore Ferragamo by Salvatore Ferragamo (W)~

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine
~Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine~

Salvatore Ferragamo  for Fascinating (W)
~Salvatore Ferragamo for Fascinating (W)~

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine
~Sex in the City KISS by Jessica Parker~

Salvatore Ferragamo LUST
~Salvatore Ferragamo LUST~

Tommy Hilfiger Girl
~Tommy Hilfiger (W)~

Vera Wang
~Vera Wang (W) Eau De Perfume~

Vera Wang Sheer Veil
~Vera Wang Sheer Veil~

Vera Wang Princess
~Vera Wang Princess Flower~

Vera Wang Princess
~Vera Wang Princess~

Vera Wang Truly Pink
~Vera Wang Truly Pink~


Versace Man Eau Fraiche
~Versace Man Eau Fraiche~

Versace Red Jeans (W)
~Versace Red Jeans (W)~

Versace Signature
~Versace Signature~

Yves Saint Laurent YSL Paris (W)
~Yves Saint Laurent~